Uncle Henry was born and raised here in South Alabama and has been heard on Gulf Coast radio stations since 1984. He first gained notoriety when he offered satirical commentary on the WABB-FM morning show while also hosting several popular local shows on cable television. ( You can still see clips from those old tv shows on Uncle Henry’s Youtube channel.)

Uncle Henry joined iHeartMedia in 1998 and has hosted a talk radio show on Newsradio 710 WNTM for 20 years. He was also a frequent guest on 95 KSJ’s morning and afternoon shows.

Uncle Henry is an old bachelor and lives with two destructive dogs in Baldwin County.

In his spare time, Uncle Henry enjoys:

Cheering for the Alabama Crimson Tide

Watching cowboy movies

Eating fried chicken

Teaching his dogs some manners

Offering constructive criticism to young people

Complaining about potholes

Cussing politicians

Reclining in his recliner


Listening to songs about whiskey and women on 95 KSJ