Lunchbox Signed Up To Be An “Angel” On Christmas Tree

This time of year, it’s common to see angel trees at shopping centers. The goal of the paper angel ornaments is to get new toys and clothing into the hands of needy children during the holiday season. Lunchbox decided to fill out his own form to be an angel so people can buy him stuff.  

He signed up on the website but left his age off it, and thought other people do it, so why not at least try to get his Christmas wishes granted. The show reminded him that he doesn't need to be on an angel tree because he has a god job and can afford to have a Christmas. And that his angels might take away from someone who does need it. But he’s still hoping someone will select him.  

Lunchbox asked for three things he really wants: Brand-new Air Jordan 11’s in varsity red. The Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar watch to track his runs, that costs about $599 dollars. And the Al Rihla Soccer Ball, the official ball they are using in the World Cup.  

The show voted he shouldn't put his angels up and instead should buy gifts for someone's angel already on the tree.

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