Keith Urban and Kelsea Ballerini Get Locals On Stage at The Wharf

The sold out Keith Urban show Saturday night at The Wharf was a blast! He and Kelsea Ballerini pulled up local folks up on stage at different points during the night, it was pretty awesome. 

See the recap pictures & videos in the "Photos" section on the main page, or scroll to the very bottom here. If you missed the show, they will be taking the stage at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on November 2nd! 

First, Kelsea Ballerini brought up Weslyn Walters who is a SUPER Kelsea fan and has actually sung with Kelsea before when we hosted her in Mobile! Weslyn wants to be a country artist so it is pretty smart what she did with the posters! Check out her Facebook page below! We will be chatting with her on the show today so be sure to listen.

Later in the show, he brought up Camryn from Robertsdale, her bff, and her mom. THEN he called the dad who was at home who was watching UFC  (LOL) and had an entire conversation while on stage, really bringing the crowd in. It was fun seeing them so excited! See video below from our Digital queen Taylor. (Please pardon my cackling in the background!) :)

Then Keith sang and worked his way through the crowd toward the back of the amphitheater, and then popped up onto an elevated stage behind the sound booth (yay for the people in the waay back!). He played there for a little bit and then he signed his guitar and was trying to pick out who to give it to. He looked around the crowd then he pointed out McKenzie from Daphne and invited her on stage, then he played while she air-guitared in front of 10K peeps! We interviewed her yesterday on the Dan & Shelby Show (to be posted here soon!) and she said she is going to hang the guitar in her bedroom in a glass case.

And a big part of what we do is having fun making people happy, especially music fans, and especially when we surprise them with tickets. Check out these two awesome ladies but they are screaming so loud you may want to turn DOWN the volume a little LOL! Scroll down.

Weslyn & Kelsea video:

weslyn kelsea sign
shelby and weslyn

McKenzie and the guitar Keith Urban gave her on stage:

Mackenzie KU guitar

McKenzie video:

Camryn from Robertsdale and crew:

camryn keith urban

Camryn on stage video:

I also fan-girled over Kelsea backstage when Dan and I did the interview in the green room. Tongue-tied! SMH. See it here: (sorry for the poor connection) :(

kelsea and shelby wharf

Here are the happy happy happy winners we surprised with tickets on the boardwalk before the show! DAN makes an appearance and steals the show of course.

OH, and last but not least here is what we discussed on air, right after we delivered some guitars to the green room for Keith and Kelsea to sign, we were walking back, I kinda twisted my ankle a little. And BOTH of these men in my life (Dan - radio partner, and my husband The Fireman, didn't even notice, so they just kept walking. I limped behind. Boy are they in trouble! :) Shelby

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