I was born in Santa Monica CA, but was raised in Dallas Texas. Radio in the 60's was solid AM with speakers as big as your transistor radio. I remember a show that aired on KLIF Dallas (the Mighty 1190) that was billed as "The Greatest Concert Event of the Century". It featured the Beatles, Cream, Credence, the Who and every other group and singer you can name. It lasted 6 hours and I listened to every second of it. I realize now all they did was put applause tracks between records, but I was hooked on radio from then on. I soon rigged up a short wave radio in my room and would play "DJ" until the police showed up to shut me down. It was the same frequency as the police radios and they were not happy (I'm just glad they didn't have tasers back then!). My first "Full" time radio job was in Henderson TX after I got home from the Navy. We would play everything from Rock to Country to Gospel and anything else we could bring from home. Saundra and I moved to this area in 82 where I worked in Country radio until 2010 including many years at KSJ.

I love to sing! I have been involved with music in some fashion my whole life. I played the trombone through college as well as singing in the choir. I do a lot of live Theater including "Candid" (L. Bernstein Oprea), "Tosca" (Puchinni oprea), "Beetovans 9th" with Mobile Syphony and USA Chior. "Titanic the Musical" with the Chickasaw Civic Theater and recently, "1776" with the Joe Jefferson Players.

Education/Military Service:
Attended R L Turner H.S. in Dallas, TX , Jacksonville Baptist College in 76 & 77. Changed my life with it's witness and met the love of my life. U S Navy active duty from 77 to 81 (Reserve till 86). I learned to love my country even more than before.

Favorite food/TV show/movie:
I love a good steak (Med Rare). Also, if chicken is ever illegal, I'm sunk. Drug test will be positive for poultry! I do not watch much TV, except news. But I really liked "24" & "JAG". / Movies: Heartbreak Ridge, Open Range, and anything with John Wayne! Also a subscriber to Pure Flix.

Who I Admire and Why:
Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan, Barbra Bush (wife to a Pres, mom to 2 Gov and 1 Pres....has to have something special!). I love people who stay consistent no matter what. Times may change, but their core values do not.

One thing I can't live without:
My Lord. The first verse of Amazing Grace is talking about me. Next is my family. Saundra (wife & friend of 37 years), my children, Jeff, Jon, and Tamara, and of course, my grandchildren. If I knew that grandchildren were so great, I would have treated thier parents better.

Pet peeve:
People who know it all and will not listen to a new opinion or thought, even if it would better their situation. Also, giving an answer with out hearing all of the question.

Favorite Female Artist:
Patsy Cline, Sandy Patti, Dolly Parton, Martina Mcbride

Favorite Male Artist:
Jim Reeves, George Younce, Guy Penrod, David Phelps, Alan Jackson, George Strait

Favorite Gospel Music Group of all time:
The Cathedrels, Gold City is a very close Second.

Life Motto:
Life is only 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Your additude is the only string you have control over, so play it well. Concentrate on what you have control over. God gave us some wonderful gifts, but greatest is Love

Best childhood memory:
Riding in the catering truck with my Dad. I was 6 or 7. He worked the back and I would sell smokes out of the cab. (You could do things like that in the early 60's) Cigarettes were only a quarter. I learned how to make change and talk to grown-ups.

My first Record:
Beatles: "Love Me Do", 45 rpm. My older brother Roger and I learned the harmony from it. We played & sang it over and over again until my Dad broke it in two. Don't worry Dad.....I now have the MP3 Download!