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Folks Are Conflicted Over “Titanic” Themed Wedding

When planning a wedding, many couples will choose a romantic theme for their big day. Well, one couple’s theme is being hotly debated on the Internet, with some blasting it for being in poor taste, and other defending them.

It all started when someone shared a photo of a couple’s “Titanic”-themed wedding to the Facebook group, “That's It, I'm wedding shaming (non-ban happy edition).” The picture shows the couple posing on a makeshift bow of a ship, like Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio’s characters in the movie. The captiion read, “My niece got married this past weekend in a Titanic themed wedding. She badly wanted a photo prop for her reception so my husband accepted the challenge,” adding, “He built the frame and I painted it. Such a fun project I had to share. It was a beautiful day and she was thrilled.”

  • Well, some folks on the Internet did not care for the picture, or the theme, noting it was in poor taste since over 1,500 people died when the Titanic went down.

“This really p***** me off," wrote one. 'My dad's great uncle was a 15 year old stoker on that damn boat who died a terrifying death. This is NOT ROMANTIC!! What’s next? Pompeii themed ceremonies.”

Another added, “No. No. No. No. Do NOT romanticize mass death people.”

  • But the couple had many defenders, insisting it was okay for the couple to base their wedding around the romantic movie, not the actual shipwreck, especially one that happened over so long ago.

“The wedding is Titanic SHIP themed not TRAGEDY themed,” one person noted. “It's clearly based upon the film and a ship which was a romantic place?”

“PEoPle DIed!1!!! 100 years ago. Quit being so judgmental,” another added, “People just like the movie and the love story, they don't think about the tragedy and they shouldn't.”

  • Others wondered if they really thought about the symbolism of the theme.

“It implies you expect your marriage to sink,” one person commented, while another added, “So your wedding is based on a shipwreck? Sounds promising.”

Source: The Mail

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