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SHELBYSPEAK: Customer's Insane Coffee Order Goes Viral

SHELBYSPEAK on this story at the bottom:

A Starbucks barista named Josie who works in Van Nuys, California tweeted a picture of a customer's order on Saturday . . . and this customer didn't just want a slight modification.

A customer named Edward ordered a Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino . . . with 13 modifications.

They included: Five bananas . . . extra caramel drizzle . . . extra whip . . . extra ice . . . extra cinnamon dolce topping . . . seven extra pumps of caramel sauce . . . extra caramel crunch . . . one pump of honey blend . . . and exactly seven Frappuccino chips.

The tweet went viral . . . it blew up so much that the name "Edward" was trending on Twitter yesterday.

And other Starbucks employees started posting pictures of the crazy drinks they've made in the thread. 


SHELBYSPEAK: People. Come on! Don't. Be. That. Person. This above is not coffee, it is a dessert with extra diyabeetus just waiting to happen. Not judging you. Well...maybe a little. I'm sorry but there is a difference between customizing and going over the line to the RIDICULOUS side.

And I feel like a pain when I as them to substitute my whole milk for skim. ~Shelby

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