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"Groundhog Day" Isn't the Only Movie Where the Same Day Repeats Itself

So "Groundhog Day" is the most POPULAR movie where a day repeats itself over and over again. But it's not the only one. One website found 14 more. Here are some of them:

1.  "12:01" (1993). A guy gets caught in a time loop in which a woman is murdered, which gives him a chance to save her. It came out the same year as "Groundhog Day", but it's based on a short story from 1973.

2.  "Run Lola Run" (1998). A woman goes on a crazy adventure to save her boyfriend, who's in mortal danger after losing a bag of his boss' money. The scenario repeats itself several times, but with certain details changing each time.

3.  "Source Code" (2011).  JAKE GYLLENHAAL is stuck in an eight-minute loop where he has to keep a terrorist from blowing up a train.

4.  "Edge of Tomorrow" (2014). During a war against an alien race, TOM CRUISE keeps dying and waking up at the same point, where he has to try to win the war over and over again.

5.  "Before I Fall" (2017).  ZOEY DEUTCH plays a "mean girl" type who keeps reliving the day she dies in a car accident . . . and starts to reassess her relationships and solve the mystery of the accident.

6.  "Happy Death Day" (2017). The premise is pretty similar to "Before I Fall".  JESSICA ROTHE plays a sorority sister who wakes up on her birthday, only to be murdered and wake up again at that same moment.

The day keeps repeating until she can figure out who the murderer is. And, of course, she learns how to be a decent human being in the process. The sequel, "Happy Death Day 2U", came out in 2019.

7.  "The Obituary of Tunde Johnson" (2019). A black, gay teenager keeps reliving the day he was killed in an unprovoked incident of police brutality.

(There are 14 movies in all. Check out the rest here.)

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