My "Thank You" to Penny Marshall

Dear Aunt Penny,

Yes. You heard me. AUNT Penny. You were America's funny Aunt. We always knew we could come to you for a laugh, a smile or a lesson. I can still hear your voice and see your smile. Between you and your brother, Uncle Gary, I had a childhood filled with smiles. Your work has gifted my father and I with bonding time pretending to dance on pianos, my sister and I with a movie we could connect through while arguing over whether or not Dottie dropped the ball on purpose, and laughter with my daughter as she watched both of those for the first time. You gave me something to believe in. You taught me that women ARE funny and can make it in that specific male-dominated industry. I'll never give up on laughter. Thank you for all of the love you gave my family unknowingly for so many years.

Your fan,

Johnna (Kit Keller "Our other daughter...Dottie's sister", Racine Belles)



Johnna is a "Gulf Coast Girl" through and through. With family spanning from Vancleave to Pensacola and every tiny town in between. She is a mommy to a 10yr old little girl who she describes as her "mini me". Johnna's intense passion for the Gulf...


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