CEOs You Should Know: Krystn Keller

In February of 2011 our baby boy Elliott was born. Around 3 months old a rash appeared on his face. His pediatrician said it was just eczema and would go away if we just changed our laundry detergent. We tried everything. It eventually spread over his entire body. It wept and bled, and he developed staph infection multiple times. We saw 14 doctors over 9 months time and used more prescription creams than I'd like to admit. At 12 months old he was tested for food allergies. More than 50 foods came back positive!  I knew this was going to be a challenge beyond just feeding him. I would have to check every food and skincare label for his allergens and sensitivities. 

After trying every "natural" product I could get my hands on I quickly realized he would need some very specific skin care. Something that was moisturizing for eczema but also free of his food allergens. And I wanted something natural, after all this was going on my baby's skin. That's when I began researching soaps, lotions, and essential oils. Soon after, the Elliott soap was born!

To purchase head to or Whole Foods Market! 

-Krystn Keller


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