Shelby does the "Grand Marshall Workout" at the KDLD parade last weekend

The Good Times Definitely Rolled on Dauphin Island!

I was honored to be asked to be the Grand Marshall of the Krewe De La Dauphine Mardi Gras parade on Dauphin Island, Alabama. SO MUCH FUN! And heck of a workout...more on that in a minute.

The day started very gray and chilly at lineup, and I mean like HATS and GLOVES chilly! Strange. Must have been the sea air...oh and that "sea smell" is always so interesting! Anyway, they warned me that I needed to be on the Island no later than 11 or I wouldn't make it in time for the parade to start at 1pm. Of course we have been in this parade many times with the 95 KSJ/iHeartRadio van , so I knew that part, and they are right! Even before 11am, people had already set up shop, full-on party central, up and down Bienville! Tents, R.V.s, even a turkey fryer. Oh and a pet goat ! (keep him away from that fryer!). So much Mardi Gras fun in South Mobile County!

Oh, and sidenote: not sure if you remember the time we got the KSJ van/trailer STUCK in a DITCH on the Island? Ah, good times. (And by WE, I mean DAN). Here's a throwback pic to prove it...but I digress. :)

So my new friend David is the owner/driver of the beautiful classic convertible car that I got to ride in, a 1964 Ford Galaxie (I will have to research the incorrect spelling of this car...). But anyway, I was so excited to cruise in this beauty! She was truly the star of the entire day!

KDLD gave me a ton of beads, stuffed animals, cups, and stuff to throw, and he had his own moon pies to throw from the front as well. So I was kind of sitting/leaning on the top of the back seat of the car, with my feet in the seat below so I could brace myself just in case David had to stop quickly, or was a bad driver, or whatever. You have to be ready for anything in a parade. I am glad I was ready. David was an awesome driver, but he did have a little tendency to tap the brake EVERY TIME he threw a moon pie. (And his entire front seat was full of boxes of moon pies). So...from between my bending left and right to get my goodies to throw, and steadying myself for a jolt every 5-10 seconds so I didn't tumble into the front seat or out of the car...I got a great workout! And also got Parade Elbow's a real thing! (Okay, maybe.) Anyway, let's just say Sunday and Monday, I had major issues going up the stairs. And down the stairs. Or moving anywhere in any way that involved my legs, feet, glutes, or midsection. If only I could do the "Grand Marshall workout" every day!

But seriously, it was so much fun and thank you again KDLD for the honor! Thanks to everyone in the parade, David my driver, and especially thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy...all 30 thousand of you! I hope I threw you something good...I tried! And now...on with Mardi Gras! And for me it's off to rotator cuff surgery! :) HA. Hey scroll down for all parade times and dates across the Gulf Coast.

Cheers! :) Shelby

P.S. The good pics were taken by Mobile Mask (thank you!). The crummy ones were probably taken by me.

Dan & Shelby

Dan & Shelby

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