Shelby says #ADayWithoutAWoman is dumb

Okay so maybe I'm being harsh. I don't mean to offend but I do think SOME women are being irresponsible, not all, but some. 

I have a lot of fantastic female friends from many different backgrounds and I love them all. I will always celebrate their accomplishments, (and all women's) big and little. So I'm all for International Women's Day.  But when any event is an excuse for SOME women to just be angry, that's not positive. Or when SOME victimize themselves, it's not constructive. (I heard it with my own ears today and it was sad. It chips away at what we have accomplished.) And when SOME wear genital hats, that certainly doesn't represent me. Or when some are only using it to be Anti-Trump (sidenote: I am NOT a fan either, but I will give anything a chance.) It's just that some of these actions seem like a waste of energy to me. (Again, my opinion. And this is my blog so...) 

FYI: I am not a Raging Right and definitely not an Extreme liberal. I guess I just tend to focus on the positive. I love my life, my blessings. And work is one of them. Also, I have to go to work because people rely on me. And because I want to.  If you agree...awesome. If you don't, I hope we can just agree to disagree.  


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