This past Saturday, Kelly Bryant was Clemson's starting quarterback. Sunday he got the news he was not. Yesterday he made it known he had no desire to sit by idly as freshman Trevor Lawrence takes over the controls.

Bryant is 16-2 as a starter with an appearance against Alabama in last season's CFB Playoffs' semifinals. You may recall the Tiger offense had little luck at all moving the ball that game. To me, this appears to be a case of Swinney conceding that Clemson can only go so far in a hunt for a National Title under Bryant. 

Alabama's fast start and the Tide showing off yet another imposing defense has no doubt played a part in Dabo's thought process. Lawrence has some mobility but is a far superior passer. Could Dabo get to the CFB Playoffs with Bryant? Yes. Could he beat Alabama with Bryant starting? Probably not.

You can see the report from ESPN here.


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