Right up until his injury in the second half of the Iron Bowl, Auburn's Kerryon Johnson had a great season on The Plains. Check out these stats: Nearly 1,400 yards rushing / An average of 5 yards per rush / 18 rushing touchdowns / 20 total touchdowns

He had a spectacular game in November against Georgia with 167 yards and a touchdown and a solid game vs Alabama with over 100 yards on the ground. Johnson has running style that is unusual. Unusual in that, for a big guy, he is very patient. Reports out of the Detroit Lions' training camp have been very positive as you can read here.

He may not have had a career equal to Bo Jackson, Cadillac Williams or Ronnie Brown, but in the annals of Auburn football, he will be remembered as a guy that helped carry the 2017 Tigers to a very good season with some huge wins.



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