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See Thomas Rhetts' first official family photo!

The Akins family is finally under one roof.

And in a new People magazine exclusive, the brood of four appears in their first family photos—complete with daughters Willa Gray and Ada James, mom Lauren and dad Thomas Rhett.

The country star and his wife have found a balance with raising two children under 2 years old, but it hasn’t always been easy.

“Honestly, the other day we were driving in the car somewhere and Thomas Rhett was like, ‘What are we doing? Are we going to be okay?’ And I was like, ‘...Yes?’” Lauren says. 

In fact, they’re more than okay. Mrs. Akins goes on to say the family’s new normal is exactly what she has already dreamed. 

“We finally got there. And look how beautiful our girls are. It brought me so much peace and happiness,” she adds. 

Thomas Rhett and Lauren adopted Willa Gray, 21 months, from Uganda and welcomed her home to Tennessee in May. The couple then welcomed baby Ada James on August 12.

 Photo: Getty Images

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