WEIRD NEWS: Australian Woman Wakes Up From Surgery With Irish Accent

A common thought when an adult gets their tonsils removed is “Will it affect my voice?” Even if someone’s had that thought, they would never expect what’s happened to an Australian woman. After waking up from general anesthetic during her tonsillectomy, Angie Mcyen found herself speaking with an Irish accent. The problem is that she reportedly had a thick Australian accent before she was put under for the operation.

As weird as it is, it’s not unheard of. Mcyen has been diagnosed with Foreign Accent Syndrome, usually caused when someone has a brain injury or surgery. It’s not unique, but it is rare; there are reportedly only around 100 cases that have been documented since the syndrome was discovered in 1907.

When you wake up with a new accent, what’s the first thing you do? Start a TikTok, of course! Mcyen is documenting her journey through her newfound Irish accent, with several of her short video updates having been viewed over 100k times. 

Source: LadBible

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