Dear Grammys....You don't own my eyes

The Grammy Awards will air this Sunday on CBS television. For many years the Grammys were all about MUSIC. Plain and simple. Music you had heard over the past year in all types. From rock to opera, country to classical. We as Americans and the world celebrated the incredible talents so many performers had produced.

However, just like the Golden Globes, the Emmys and Oscars, this night to celebrate all that is good in music, has turned into a political slug fest. May times hosts, performers, presenters and winners have taken to the stage to pronounce their personal disdain for one politician or political party, instead of thanking voters and celebrating the wonderful music we all love.

Well Grammys, you don't own my eyes. I don't have to watch any of you pontificate. Don't get me wrong, there are many moments I know I would enjoy this year. A tribute to Dolly Parton? Count me in! A Grammy salute to Mowtown. The very thought makes me wanna dance like James Brown. (and no, I can't dance like JB). The night can be electric. Or it can be a bust. So You don't own my eyes. I don't have to watch. You see, I can wait and see all these great moments on You Tube later.

I remember last year, watching the telecast. i told myself i would watch as long as politics played no part in the program. You see I love music. It's what I do. It is a huge part of my life. And I love all forms of music. I want to see the best of the best in all categories praised for their hard work and innovation. I want to cheer the winners of the night, or try to understand why my favorite in a category did not win this coveted prize.

So I watched last year. It took all of two minutes before i was disappointed by the political rhetoric and moved on to something else. And if you'll check, the rating of the telecast proved that I was not the only person to abstain from viewing. Viewership with all awards shows has declined since we have take the entertainment out of these shows and replaced it with political showmanship. This is not just sad for the potential viewers, but also for the award winning performers. Less people will know about your Grammy accomplishment. And less will care. Is that your ultimate goal?

Grammys I implore you to get it right this year. Celebrate the music, and don't stomp around in the political mud. We have NBC, CBS, FOX and MSNBC to do that for us.

Will you be watching Sunday night? And for how long?

Get more details of this years Grammy Broadcast here:

Bill Black

Bill Black

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