Fur what reason?

What FUR they thinking? Proud owners show off their dogs' VERY bizarre haircuts after trips to the groomers in startling snaps

  • Owners around the world have shared snaps of their pets' wacky cuts online 
  • Some dogs' styles make them look more like other animals entirely 
  • Photos capture luxuriant manes, pom pom tails, and even Mohawk styles  

This adorable pup looks like he's stepped out of a computer game with his bizarre box cut 

This little pup isn't best pleased with her plaits, shaved chest and pom pom paws

It looks like the dog groomer got a little carried away when it came to giving this dog a trim

This Husky looks like he is wearing leg warmers and a fluffy hat - perhaps it's time to go to a different groomer

Rock and roll: The owners of this cool canine decided to give him a new look - a Mohawk

This dog is going to get very chilly with this mismatched and rather unflattering hair cut  

Main attraction: This dog does not look impressed with his awful trim that has left him looking more like a lion than a Collie 

This pup looks very cross about his new hair cut - he looks more like a Gremlin with this uneven trim

This shaved dog looks like he's been in a scrap with the lawnmower and the lawnmower won

When you have a huge dog, it seems for some owners it's hard to ignore the temptation to make them look like a lion

With her little feet poking out from under her fur, this pooch looks like a guinea pig with this ridiculous hair cut

This pup has been given a block fringe but doesn't seem to be too sure about it 

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