One Secret You Will Never Tell Significant Other

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Redditors were recently asked to open up about the one secret they will  never reveal to their significant other. Most of them were innocent, but some should definitely be taken to the grave!

Here are some of the responses:

  • "When I married my wife it was because I was worried about being alone, not because she was my great love."
  • "That she had lipstick on her teeth during our wedding ceremony."
  • "That I’m secretly kinky."
  • "My real number of ex-partners."
  • "That she's not a very good kisser."
  • "That our first date was a pity date."
  • "That I leave for work an hour early so I can get some alone time in my office." (Redbook)

OK, your turn ... What’s the one secret you will never share with your significant other? Do you keep the secret because it embarrasses you or because you think it will hurt your partner?

Bill Black

Bill Black

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