Halloween Leftovers from Bill & Shelby

Bill and Andrea as Rip & Beth from Yellowstone. Shelby as Princess/Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen from House of the Dragon.Photo: Shelby Mitchell

Here are your Halloween "leftovers" from Bill & Shelby!

Maybe you aren't ready to say goodbye to the creepy crawlies yet, or if you are like me and loved your Halloween costume and like to lounge around in it at times for no reason. (NOT weird at all). If you are an HBO House of the Dragon fan, you'll get it. If not, my dragon will burn you to death.

Yes we are grown (like really old), but we still enjoy. Bill and I were both asked to judge some pretty bigtime local costume contests. I was honored to again judge the crazies at Veet's, downtown Mobile! My Halloween isn't complete without it.

And Bill was asked to judge the Flora-Bama's costume contest. See he and his wife as Rip & Beth from Yellowstone, pretty convincing!

Enjoy these photos one last time!


pumpkin carved by Shelby, many moons agoPhoto: Shelby Mitchell

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