Re-watching any TV shows lately? Guilty Pleasures I've recently re-started!

It's been a weird time lately. No doubt about it. There have been very few NEW shows that have held my attention long enough to come back to each week. Maybe it's becasue we live in a time of binge-watching? We like to have all of the content at once. For instance, I LOVE the show "Prodigal Son" on FOX, but I HATE waiting on the next Monday to watch new episodes. Same with "Big Sky" on ABC, but again, GIMME ALL THE EPS NOW.

(here's the previews for those by the way - they ARE good watches, I'm just impatient)

Now what do we watch when we are waiting on the others, old favorites of course! Well, I watch, MY old favorites. I don't make my daughter or hubs watch these. :)

Here are my go-to re-watch shows as of late:

American Horror Story! - I've watched every season of AHS. Some MULTIPLE times. I think I loved Season 3, Coven, so much because it's set in New Orleans and there's so much HISTORY intertwined in the fictional storyline. I have probably seen this season 5 times, start to finish. It's BRILLIANT! ALL HAIL THE SUPREME! Find it on Netflix or Hulu!

Dance Moms! Right at the start of Quarantine, my daughter Rori and I watched EVERY SEASON of this. Whatever, judge me. It's fine. I have LIVED this Dance Mom drama, so I love re-watching it on reality TV. Plus, JOJO SIWAAAAAA!!! YES! You can find this one on Amazon Prime Video!

The Hills! - I watched the recent "The Hills: New Beginnings" when it aired on MTV last year, but recently found myself diving back into the OG series that I was OBSESSED with. Follow Lauren as she becomes "the girl who didn't go to Paris", Heidi and Spencer become Speidi, Audrina is off again on again a million times with the one and only "Justin Bobby" and ultimately LC leaves Kristin Cavallari to pick up the story when she leaves. I have watched this series UMPTEEN times, and never get sick of it. I think it's the music and fashion of my college years that always feels nostalgic.

Also - Spencer and I have DM'd about hummingbirds and other weird stuff on Insta multiple times and IM OBSESSED WITH HIM. What a DOOOOOD! He and Heidi are my favorites IRL.


Are you re-watching any old favorites to pass the time? Let me know which ones!

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