JAKE OWEN: Makes His Movie Debut - Filmed in Fairhope

Jake Owen makes his film debut in Our Friend, which stars Dakota Johnson, Casey Affleck and Jason Segal

The movie revolves around a couple from right here in Fairhope. It is about the husband and his best friend steps up to help care for the husband's terminally ill wife. 

Jake says, "I've always been intrigued by challenging myself to do things that I'm not necessarily comfortable with. No one hired me for this because they saw me act in a film before. Think they're putting faith in me that I can do this, and that gives me some energy."

Jake plays Aaron, who's a friend of the friend in the film. See the clip below.

The movie will play in select theaters and on-demand on January 22nd. (People)

P.S. the story behind this movie is very heart-breaking yet very powerful. I am not sure I can watch it right now but I will when I am ready. ~Shelby

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