Morgan Wallen Poked Fun at Himself on "SNL"

MORGAN WALLEN made his"SNL"debut on Saturday . . . two months after getting yanked or partying without a mask and breaking their COVID-19 safety protocols. 

He made fun of the whole thing during a sketch on the show. He's partying at a University of Alabama bar when host JASON BATEMAN bursts through the door AS the ghost of Morgan ONE MONTH in the future. He warns him not to party.

But then the Jason version of the ghost starts getting tempted by all the girls and booze at the bar, so cast member BOWEN YANG enters as the ghost of Morgan TWO MONTHS in the future with more warnings. 

It ends with Morgan making up a song called "Focus on the Future" where he thanks the show for "giving this poor Southern boy a second Yankee chance."

By the way . . . the two songs he performed as musical guest were"7 Summers"and"Still Goin' Down"

(Music Mayhem,People)

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