Today's Least Important Election Is Between 13 Dogs, a Donkey, & Rooster

Here's one race we'll be watching closely tonight . . .

The town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky is electing a new mayor. And the candidates consist of 13 dogs . . . a donkey . . . a rooster . . . a dead cat . . . and one actual human with NO chance of winning.

Around 400 people live there, and they've been electing animals as their unofficial mayor for 22 years.

The current mayor is a pit bull named Brynn . . . full name Brynneth Pawltro. But she's getting CRUSHED right now by a French bulldog named Wilbur. (photo below).

So far, they've only ever elected dogs. The closest non canine this year is Higgins the Donkey in 7th place. And they're not even listing results for the one human candidate.

The whole thing is really a fundraiser for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society. They're trying to raise $50,000. And as of last night, they'd raised around $12,000. But that number could climb today, because you don't have to live there to vote.

Anyone can vote by going to the website You have to give at least $1, and the candidate with the most money at the end wins. 


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