City of Pensacola Launches New Parking App

City of Pensacola Launches New Parking App

First 30 minutes of parking free with new PARKPensacola app 

The City of Pensacola has launched a new parking app, making it easy for residents and visitors to find and pay for parking on their mobile device. The PARKPensacola app is now available at more than 6,300 on and off-street spaces in Pensacola and offers features including:

  • First 30 minutes of parking free when using the app
  • Contactless parking payments
  • Text reminders
  • GPS map displaying available parking nearby
  • “Find My Car” feature to walk you back to your vehicle

The PARKPensacola app is available to download free for both iPhone and Android devices.

“We’re excited to offer the new PARKPensacola app, which will create a better parking experience for our community by providing cost savings, greater accessibility and a contactless way to pay for parking,” Mayor Grover Robinson said. “Using the app, residents and visitors can more easily enjoy everything Pensacola has to offer, and everyone who uses it gets their first 30 minutes of parking for free.”

The PARKPensacola app replaces the Passport Parking app, which will no longer work in Pensacola after Oct. 31, 2020. PARKPensacola will cost less to use: The app convenience fee will go down from 18 cents to 16 cents per session, with no fee to add time to a parking session. In addition, when a user starts a parking session using the app, the first 30 minutes of parking are free.

How to use the PARKPensacola app:

  • Select a location from the live map.
  • Select the session time.
  • Confirm purchase.

Users can get optional text alerts and extend their session remotely, even if they started a session from a PARKPensacola pay machine.

The PARKPensacola app is able to display not only the city’s public parking spots but privately-owned spots as well, when those owners opt-in to be displayed on the app.

Lissa Dees, parking manager for City of Pensacola Parking Management, says the PARKPensacola app provides a new level of user accessibility in addition to providing a contactless way to pay for parking.

“Using a filter, the user can see handicapped or covered parking,” Dees said. “The app has 26 language options. And with the current COVID-19 crisis, offering a contactless payment option is a great step to help protect our residents and visitors.”

The PARKPensacola app is available to download now. For more information, visit

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