City Parks and Facilities Reopening as Deemed Safe after Hurricane Sally

City Parks and Facilities Reopening

as Deemed Safe after Hurricane Sally

Following the aftermath of Hurricane Sally, parks and facilities managed by the City of Pensacola were closed to the public until deemed safe. Upon individual park and building assessment and evaluation, select parks and facilities have reopened as they are deemed safe for public use.

Citizens may visit the city's Parks and Recreation homepage to access an interactive map outlining parks and facilities that are open, closed or partially open. 

Opened or closed parks and facilities will be indicated on the map as:

  • A green square for parks and facilities that are open
  • A red triangle for parks and facilities that are closed
  • A yellow circle for parks and facilities that have spaces that are partially open

Citizens are encouraged to click the icons on the map for more information about each location.

The interactive map will be updated as facilities, parks and park spaces are deemed safe. The interactive map will be removed from the Parks and Recreation homepage once all sites have reopened.  

For more information about parks, playgrounds and locations, visit or contact the City of Pensacola Parks and Recreation Department at 436-5670. 

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