ICYMI: CRAZY Wednesday at the Radio Ranch

Well it was an interesting Wednesday here at the radio station! Most local folks know that iHeart shares the building here in Mobile with WKRG News 5. I often talk about how I started in this building in college as an intern, then Front Desk person and Promotions Assistant. I love this building and have spent many a hurricane here. .

So ...long story short: a man claiming to be God and dressed in women's clothing and a Mardi Gras mask (only in Mobile!) busted the front glass door of our building with a tire iron. He then crawled through and tried to get into the TV station until Mobile Police stopped things from going any further. No one was hurt - thank goodness. See the story from WKRG News 5 here and our social media posts below.

Be safe y'all. Get help if you need it. And don't do drugs!


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