Downtown Mobile is Open for Business

The Cleanup Continues

At this point we are all wondering, "What else does Mother Nature have in store for us?" As if a pandemic weren't enough, a slow moving Category 2 hurricane has left many with damaged property and thousands without power.

With the exception of Bienville Square, Downtown Mobile managed to come through the storm with no major damage. Some storefronts lost windows, other buildings lost parts of roofs, and many awnings are missing.

None of this however, kept businesses from opening the day after the storm left our area. Since the central business district never lost power, restaurants could reopen to serve those who aren't able to cook at home. And because the damage is worse in Baldwin County, downtown has become the staging area for many who have arrived to assist with cleanup and repairs. We welcome those folks and certainly appreciate their business!

For a video of some of the cleanup and repair efforts, click here.

P.S. Just don't forget the 9pm curfew. ~Shelby

(Downtown Mobile Alliance)

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