Dad Spends Daughter’s College Fund, Reddit Crowd Is Angry

A dad recently shared on Reddit that for the past 18 years he’s been saving money for his daughter to go to college. She recently told him she didn’t want to go to, so the same day he cleared out her college fund to buy a boat. When she found out she lost it because she had changed her mind and wanted to go. Folks on Reddit came down on the dad because of how fast he spent the money.

P.S. I'm with the dad! Sorry kiddo! ~Shelby :)

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Parents make a lot of sacrifices when they have children, and that’s certainly true if they have to put money away for their kids’ college education. Of course, not every child will wind up going to college, but one dad was a little bit too eager to spend the money he was saving for his kid’s schooling, and folks on the Internet are blasting him for it.

A dad recently shared on Reddit that for the past 18 years he’s been saving money for his daughter to go to college. But recently his daughter told him she wasn’t going to go, noting that while he and his wife felt “disappointment,” they “respected her wishes and didn't make a big deal."

While that’s all well and good, what he did next is what’s got folks in a huff. It seems the very day his daughter expressed her thoughts on not going to school, dad went out and spent her college fund on a boat. “My wife and I have been wanting one for years now, and so I finally bought it,” he writes. “It cleared out most of our daughter's college fund, and we put the rest in savings."

A few days later during a small celebration the dad revealed his new purchase and when the daughter asked where the money came from and he told her and she “lost it.” The dad writes, “She said that she had changed her mind and was going to announce it today, but now she can't go since we spent it."

The dad wonders if he is really wrong for spending the money, and most people agree the problem is not that he spent it, but how fast he spent it.

o "She's an 18-year-old in the middle of a pandemic and you didn't think she might change her mind or reconsider," one person asked. "You gave her a day, and then said [expletive] it and bought a boat and didn't even bother to tell her that her college fund was gone."

o Another added, "you should have given it some time. It seems like you just couldn't wait to spend the money you supposedly set aside for your child."

o Others pointed out that he could have let her know the consequences of her skipping school.

o As one person pontd out, “You should have made sure she understood you had money saved for her college and only for education and that you need to know if she intends to go or not as this isn't an offer on the table forever.”

Source: Café Mom

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