Seniors Raise Money For Alzheimer’s By Recreating Iconic Movie Posters

Residents at Spiritwood Assisted Living facility in Washington state have been recreating movie posters from classic flicks and it’s all for a good cause. The idea came from community relations director Jennifer Angell, who started transforming seniors into Hollywood stars to create a calendar to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Not only do the residents help others by dressing up as movie stars, they’re really enjoying it! Jack Guptil says he “didn’t want to be bothered” when Jennifer asked him to be a part of the calendar, but admits that when he saw how much fun people were having being someone else, he wanted to be involved. So he decided to become Elwood from “The Blues Brothers,” one of the many movies they’ve covered, along with “Elf,” and “The Godfather” and more.

They’ve raised thousands for the Alzheimer’s Association over the last two years and Jennifer is already making plans for their 2021 calendar. It’s going to be “Iconic Figures” including Sonny and Cher, Willie Nelson, Andy Warhol and Winston Churchill.

Source: Good News Network

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