Zombie Cicadas Infected With Mind-Controlling Fungus Are Here

Zombie Cicadas Are Here

Researchers for West Virginia University are spotting a strange insect. They're called "Zombie Cicadas." PLOS Pathogens says the large insects are actually regular Cicadas but are infected by a cicada mind-contolling psychedelic fungus similar to hallucinogenic mushrooms. After a while, their limbs fall off and their body rots.

Once a cicada is infected, it tries to infect others Cicadas by mating with them. It's unclear how the Cicadas become infected since they live below ground between 13 to 17 years.

The good news is "Zombie Cicadas" appear to be harmless to humans. But STILL!

(Source: USA Today)

My take: If the bugs had only worn bug MASKS they wouldn’t be INFECTED. What is WRONG with the bugs in this country? :) Shelby

P.S. Just for fun, scroll down to see me and my crew at the Zombie Pub Crawl fundraiser several years ago (5? 6? 7?) in downtown Mobile. what a blast! From back when we had events... before...You-Know-What. Remember those days?

Shelby zombie crew

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