Mobile SPCA Begins AOGO Kitten Special (Adopt One Get One Free)


(Adopt One Get One Free)

Don’t adopt just one because two are twice the fun!

Mobile, Alabama (July 28, 2020) – The Mobile SPCA today announced it will offer two kittens for the price of one at PetSmart on Airport and McGregor and the Mobile SPCA office.

Even though local veterinarians were closed during the COVID shut down and were not able to spay and neuter, cats they were still having kittens! And we are now overrun with kittens! And we have an additional 150+ on our waiting list. We need to find great homes for these kittens, now.

There are many benefits to adopting two kittens at once!

  • Adopting two kittens at the same time will require less effort from you because they will keep each other busy
  • and tire each other out.
  • Two kittens are more likely to have fun wrestling and chasing each other around the house, instead of getting
  • into things they shouldn’t.
  • You’ll get more sleep at night.
  • Most cats are highly social and thrive living with other cats.
  • A crucial part of being a responsible cat parent is finding ways to enrich their lives, and one of the best ways to
  • do that is by providing them with a best friend to grow up with.
  • Two kittens teach each other how to communicate, interpreting signals, share territory, and learn social skills.
  • Using the litter box, scratching posts, and grooming routines become easier when a kitten can copy their
  • companion.
  • A cat is more likely to eat something that his buddy is eating so they can be less picky with food.
  • Having two kittens will aid in their development leading to happier, healthier, better socialized pets.
  • And really, is there anything cuter than watching a pair of kittens play and cuddle together? You won’t want to
  • spend your day doing anything else!
  • Think of it as saving four lives – the two cats you’re adopting, and the two that can take their place at the shelter!

About Mobile SPCA

Mobile SPCA is a limited-intake, no-kill humane society that places and transports approximately 2,000 dogs and cats each year. All pets are altered, up-to-date on vaccines, tested and microchipped before adoption. The Mobile SPCA is a non-profit 501c3 that depends on contributions, fund raising events and grants to continue its life-saving programs. Follow Mobile SPCA on Twitter: • Find Mobile SPCA on Facebook: • See Mobile SPCA on Instagram:

"Little Man" (Shelby's Bonus son) with a barn cat, 2012


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