NO Thanksgiving night shopping at Wal-Mart this year!

Wal-Mart is ending it's HUGE tradition of kicking off Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving night! The company made the announcement yesterday regarding the change, but has not said yet if they will open to regular shopping procedures on Black Friday.

You HAVE TO think that they would open in some capacity given that it's possibly their biggest shopping day of the year, but with COVID-19, I SINCERELY HOPE they will re-evaluate their policies and procedures for the traditional Black Friday in madness in their stores. I have seen fist fights, people getting run over, and far too much face in face contact in that place over the years and there's no way you could pay me to participate in that DURING A PANDEMIC. Not for $2 DVDs and discounted Pioneer Woman skillets.

I think this news is GREAT for their employees! This year they won't have to give up family time to work crazy hours for Black Friday deals. And man, in my opinion, their employees have EARNED the need for some downtime as of late.


You can find the full article from Business Insider here!

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