The "Tiger King" Song "Killer Carole" Has Been Released

If you watched "Tiger King" then you probably know that JOE EXOTIC was only lip-syncing in those music videos. A duo called The Clinton Johnson Band wrote and recorded the songs.

Sadly, the duo's Daniel Clinton passed away last year . . . but Vince Johnson just got a record deal and released the country song we've all been waiting for. It's called"Killer Carole"and it's about Joe Exotic's nemesis CAROLE BASKIN.

It "suggests" that she killed and fed her then-husband Don Lewis to the tigers, and the supports that narrative. You see a cartoon Carole carrying Don to a waiting tiger. There's also footage of actual big cats and alligators chewing on meat.

The timing is pretty good because handwriting experts recently claimed that the signatures that the signatures that the signatures on Don's will and power of attorney were forged. Carole continues to deny having anything to do with his death.

"Killer Carole" will be on the"Tiger King" album which will be out soon. 

(Rolling Stone,Entertainment Weekly)

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