Divers have close call with Great White Shark off Alabama's coast


"A group of scuba divers from Birmingham spotted a great white shark off the coast of Orange Beach on Sunday, May 24.

Chase Tucker, Jojo Bates and Forrest Phillips were spearfishing in the Gulf of Mexico about 25 miles off the coast when Tucker, who was operating the camera, spotted something big and white in the distance.

As the predator circled the group and moved closer Tucker could make out the shape, unmistakable to the experienced diver, it was a great white shark.

'I am very familiar with their characteristics. The sheer size of this particular shark gave it away almost immediately,' said Tucker. 'I’ve seen hundreds of sharks diving the gulf but this shark was so massive it immediately gave it away.'

Tucker quickly signaled to his friends that it was time to exit the water. The team scrambled back on to their boat. Safely away from the shark."

Watch the video for the whole story.

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