Mechanical Mask Helps Diners Eat in Public

As the country begins to slowly open up, the question of how to dine at restaurants safely is a huge issue. Sure, you can wear a mask walking in and out of your favorite eatery, but you can’t exactly wear one while eating … until now. Israeli inventors have created a face mask specifically for eating in public, and it looks a whole lot like a Pac-Man mouth!

They’ve taken a standard surgical mask and added a simple mechanism that allows the mask to open with each bite. You just have to be able to eat with one hand. You simply squeeze the lever with one hand and the Pac-Man mouth opens up to allow food in. It’s a great idea, but still might need some tweaking, especially if you order something messy … (Daily Motion)

***I call it the Pac-Man mask. And it should be yellow. Actually for me, I know this would be a mess with the way my family eats. We will either forego the masks and be very careful, or just get it curbside and take it home. ~Shelby

pac man getty

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