Doggie Daycare Closes So Dog Dad Takes Dachsunds to Work on Delivery Route

When the coronavirus changed things, FedEx delivery man Daniel Nava had a new problem to deal with. The daycare business that took care of his dachshund dogs -- named Chorizo and Cocoa -- had to close, and Daniel had to find a new way to take care of them.

So, he dressed Chorizo and Cocoa in FedEx gear, along with some sunglasses, and took them along on his route each day in Oceanside, California.

When they travel, the dogs are leashed to his car seat and lie comfortably on area rugs. They even stop for lunch in the park and take walks.

Fortunately, the daycare is scheduled to reopen soon, but Daniel expects his new assistants to ride with him once in a while -- and expects that they’ll continue wearing their FedEx shirts and sunglasses. (Insider)

This is so precious. And God bless all delivery folks like this during the pandemic.


P.S. I feel for our delivery guy who delivers my meal kit every week and has to deal with our driveway and dogs. I don't know him but I would like to do something special for him. What would be a good gift?

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