Restaurant Seats Mannequins at Tables to Make It Look Busy

A Virginia restaurant has come up with a unique, and slightly creepy, way to enforce social distancing while still making the dining room seem full.

"Instead of letting tables sit vacant, the whimsical chef plans to outfit his dining rooms with mannequins. That’s right, life-size human dolls—kind of like that scene in Home Alone when Kevin throws a mannequin holiday party to fool the burglars. The chef (who majored in drama in college) has been working with Shirlington’s Signature Theatre to get the faux humans costumed in 1940s-era garb. Servers will be instructed to pour them wine and to ask them about their evening. Here’s hoping the actual diners don’t have any doll phobias." (

I can't decide if this is ingenious or creepy. It seems to me like a strange yet interesting combination of Twilight Zone, Westworld, and Disney. What do you think?


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