Tribute To KSJ's Nanny Ruth

When Colton Bradford (former KSJ Intern, now Boston media superstar) was working with me and Dan a few years ago, he introduced us to his grandmother, ""Nanny Ruth" who we thought was a total hoot. We grew to love her and she became a special friend of ours and an awesome guest on the Dan & Shelby show for many years, even after Colton moved to Boston in 2015. She aced the "Nanny Ruth News Quiz" every week on KSJ for many years. She was pretty much everyone's grandma in KSJ Country!

Ruth was called to Heaven last week, may she rest in peace. She was an amazing woman who made an impression on everyone she met. On Monday, we dedicated the afternoon to her, we played some audio, and celebrated Nanny Ruth.

Scroll down to hear a few memories with Nanny.

Nanny Ruth with Dan & Shelby 2015
Nanny Ruth Chat and News Quiz 2016
Nanny Ruth News Quiz 2016
Nanny Ruth visits KSJ 2018

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