I Do Not Remember Ordering This Thigh-Thingie

Okay so sometimes I forget things.

So last week this strange-shaped package arrived at our house- I had zero clue what it was. I first thought maybe it was something that was supposed to go to a neighbor. The return address wasn't familiar but it was addressed to me, so I opened it, and I pulled THIS out. (see video!) I looked for paperwork but found none.... Then I slowly remembered about a week or so ago I opened a bottle of my favorite wine (bourbon barrel) during a Zoom date with a girlfriend. And later that evening I fuzzily ordered some things on Amazon.(WARNING = DANGER!)

Yes I indeed had ordered a thighmaster-like thingie. Good news is it works (ouch,I'm sore!) and I am using it in my workout routine! But the moral of the story is...Never EVER under any circumstances should you AUI (Amazon Under the Influence). And don't get too comfortable at home during Zoom Happy Hour with your friends! :)


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