Coronavirus Is Helping People Make Moves For a Better Earth

Today’s Earth Day, when we are supposed to think about all we can do to help the environment. Well, it turns out a lot of people believe the coronavirus is helping them make moves that are better for the earth, specifically when it comes to working from home.

A new International survey finds:

77% of office workers believe working from home is one of the most effective ways to help the environment.

84% of workers say hey have become increasingly concerned about their environmental impact.

Specifically, the average worker says they are saving close to an hour every day on commuting, which is five hours a week, or about 200 hours a year.

75% say they feel guilty about what the impact their daily commute has on the environment.

Other environmentally harmful habits office workers are looking to change include:

Using plastic bags daily (67%)

Improperly throwing away recyclables (61%)

Using plastic straws (59%)

Throwing away leftover lunches (59%)

Source: SWNS Digital

We recycle everything at our house and try to not use many plastic bags or plastic straws. And yes the pandemic has been naturally helping the environment more so I'll take that positive note. What can you do to help the environment?

Happy Earth Day!

~xo Shelby

P.S. See below for several ways to learn more and celebrate Earth Day!

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