FOMO In Quarantine is a Thing

So quarantine FOMO is now a thing.

People are looking at social media posts and starting to feel anxious about “failing” at being at home. They feel bad that they aren’t learning a new language, or baking bread, or whipping coffee, or live-streaming workouts or creating elaborate scavenger hunts for their kids. But mental health experts stress that there is no “right” way to shelter at home.

We’re all just trying to make it through this the best way we can, says Jennifer Wolkin, a neuropsychologist and assistant professor of psychology at NYU. "This is a really unique situation we're in and everyone handles stress and fear differently, so start by giving yourself credit for doing the best you can,” she says. 

(The Healthy)

I say just do the best you can. Try to keep your head above water. If you have goals, that's awesome...but give yourself some grace too. Limit your social media and don't compare! Be realistic and don't judge yourself. Now I have to go so I can learn Spanish, climb a mountain, and prepare Beef Wellington ...all by 10pm tonight. (NOPE!)

Hang in there, we will get through this! ~xo Shelby

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