Ride my favorite Universal Studios rides....virtually!

Most of you know I'm a theme park junkie. Like many people, we had plans to be in Florida this week for Spring Break. We were going to start the week off in Tampa at Wrestlemania (we had tickets) and then make our way to Orlando for some time in our favorite places...Universal Studios and the 4 Disney Parks. Life has happened and plans have changed. Not only have all of the parks closed until further notice, cancelling our plans, we would have 100% decided to stay home anyway. We get it. It doesn't take away the longing to be there. SO...in light of my daydreaming about the parks, I decided to post a few of my favorite rides (at Universal on this post) and why I love them. Hop on board and take a virtual ride! Escape a little bit and soak in the magic!


So I haven't actually been on this one yet. This trip was going to be our first time on it. From the looks of it, I WILL LOVE IT!


I LOVE this ride. From the moment you set foot into the castle (Hogwarts) you are immersed in the story. Everything seems SO REAL. If you read the books you will pick up on hundreds of tiny details, and even if you didn't, you'll be captivated by the talking paintings, stained glass and the feeling of being in a castle that must be hundreds of years old (spoiler: not even 20). The ride itself was the first of its kind. You're seating in a seat that surrounds you with speakers near your head and a broomstick between your legs. Its a mix of video immersion and moving set pieces. REALLY cool. Last year on my solo trip there were zero crowds early on a Wednesday and I rode this one three times back to back with no wait. Normally its at least 30 min. The first time we rode it was around 2010 and it was 2.5 hours!


Man, this part of the park, the whole area, is incredible. You feel like you're actually walking through Jurassic Park. The ride..THE BEST. In this one you're on a boat and seated in rows of 3 or 4. The best part? THE T-REX DEATH DROP!


Man - this one is a FUN ride, but it makes the list strictly based on how beautiful and ACCURATE it is. It looks EXACTLY like the movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Also, it takes your tummy a few times and I'm all for that!


Fun fact about this EPIC rollercoaster, you get to pick your own soundtrack for the ride! When you buckle into your seat, there's a touch pad that lets you pick which song you want to listen to. Weezer? YES! Disco? We have that too! Even more fun fact? There's a list of codes on the internet that let you unlock secret songs.


Two Birds with one stone on this one...cool off on a hot day, almost pee yourself from a HUGE drop! This one has a bit more THRILL to me (but less story quality) than Disney's Splash Mountain. Either way, it's always on my list!

If you've never been, or you are just missing the parks, here are two videos that show you ALL of both of the parks! ENJOY!

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