My Anniversary Was Not Ruined By Coronavirus

My 13th anniversary with my hubby, know on air as "The Fireman," was April 7th!

My friend asked if I was bummed out because we couldn't celebrate due to the coronavirus pandemic. I told her that the pandemic is always on my mind, as well as all of the sadness and anxiety that comes along with it. And yes, our cruise was canceled, and no, we wouldn't be able to go out to eat somewhere nice. But as I told her and I'm a true believer of this...there is still joy to be found! That is helping my soul so very much. There are still babies being born, kindness being paid forward, pop-up generosity all around, plus the celebration of people in love. I will always look for blessings that are around me, like celebrating one of the happiest moments of my life, my wedding day.

I told my husband not to worry about getting me anything, but of course he did! See the picture - I wasn't sure if I was more excited about the orchid or the Clorox wipes, LOL! I will say he hit it OUT of the PARK by surprising me with my favorite meal...his homemade lasagna. There is nothing better! Luckily, I thought ahead and had gotten him a great shirt for our cruise, but he will still be able to wear it when everything opens back up!

So ...YES, celebrate those birthdays, anniversaries, and special moments! We need to look for every bit of joy that we can find right now. I promise it will help during this stressful time. And remember this is just temporary.


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