Scotty McCreery Took Over Our Facebook Page

Thanks SO much to the incredible Scotty McCreery for taking over our 95KSJ Facebook page today! He did a 30 minute lunchtime Facebook Live performance that I am sure put some smiles on some faces! Check it out below. He was fun, easygoing, and likeable as always. And of course super talented. Well, he IS an American Idol winner, what did we expect?! And he showed his sweet wife Gabi and their furbaby too...precious!

Scroll down to see his official video (it's awesome) for his latest single "In Between" that you hear on 95 KSJ! Also, last year, we hosted a small lunch party for some winners here at the station, scroll down to see some of that performance as well.

Here's to hoping we can bring a little distraction and joy into this weird time. Thanks Scotty for helping!


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