I Zoomed Across The Country With My Family

We did a Zoom Family Meeting over the weekend. It was so fun!

We had a total of 16 family members together at one point (or maybe 17?), from the age of 3 all the way to 88. It was amazing! Some of us had not seen each other in years, so it was really cool!

My family on my dad's side is spread out all over the country. We had family represented in Hawaii, California, Oregon, and South Alabama. It was good to see their smiling faces and hear their voices all together, even though sometimes we were talking on top of each other (but that is normal). And for some of us beginners, it took a minute to get the technology, but it didn't take long, and we were connected! We caught up while having cocktails, snacks, and we even got to show off our homes, pets, kids, etc.

During this time of quarantine, lock-down, social distancing, whatever you call it, it is REALLY important to connect! And what other better time than now? If you have loved ones you haven't caught up with, do it now! It doesn't have to be a video call. But if you have loved ones that want to participate, help with their devices, talk them through putting the app on their phone. Loan them a tablet. Whatever, hook them up. Life is short!

Just DO NOT FORGET you are on video and go to the restroom during a Zoom meeting! :) (see below).

Stay home and socially distance yourself...but CONNECT! It is worth it.


Shelby's Zoom Family Reunion Photo

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