Social Distancing at the Beach

This is such a scary time, thank you Coronavirus. I hope everyone is safe, washing their hands, practicing social distancing, and staying home!

We are really blessed in this part of the world to have lots of access to room outside...with woods, open spaces, and water of all sorts. As I am seeing friends, family, and even celebrities who are in larger metro cities and smaller apartments, I feel very grateful that I can take my dogs for a walk in the woods, or kayak in a lake near my property without running into anyone.

I am staying home or going to work, that's pretty much it, maybe to the grocery when necessary (My hubby "The Fireman" does most of the grocery runs). But I had necessary business at the beach with my friend who lives on the water. Thank goodness she was already a germaphobe before all of the corona craziness, so she really hasn't changed her way of life very much! We met on her balcony facing Big Lagoon and the Gulf of Mexico. We saw a few sailboats, recreational boats, and people fishing, but no "gathering." I know there has been a lot of controversy about gathering at the beach, but I drove all the way along beach road, and I did not see people gathering in groups. Of course I was driving, so could not see everything. But someone from did, read their investigative report below.

It was sad, because all I can think about is our beach businesses, and all of our local businesses affected for that matter, but the drive was kind of peaceful and beautiful. I am so grateful to live in the country and near the water! I'm trying to stay positive and I know that when this is all done, we can all go back to our normal lives. And when we do, let's not take our beach and woods and natural surroundings for granted. I know I won't! And in the meantime, let's be smart and flatten the curve. Do your part.


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