New Spider Looks Like Vincent Van Gogh Painting

I despise most spiders. But I like this one!

A new species of spider looks an awful lot like a Vincent Van Gogh painting and people are still petrified of it. The spider is one of seven new species of Peacock spider discovered in Australia. resembles Vincent van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night” painting has been discovered in Australia.

The spider, which bears a striking resemblance to Van Gogh's “Starry Night,” is Maratus constellatus and was discovered in Western Australia, along with four other colorful species: Maratus azureus, Maratus laurenae, Maratus noggerup and Maratus suae.

Another species, Maratus volpei, was discovered in South Australia and Maratus inaquosus was identified in Victoria. That brings the total to 12 new Peacock spiders discovered over the last year.

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