Lighthearted Pranks at Home for April Fools’ Day During Quarantine

I know Google and others have "canceled" April Fools' Day. But I think we need a little laughter. So here are a few lighthearted prank ideas to keep the spirit up in a coronavirus quarantine, from

Replace framed photos

The premise is simple if not requiring a little dexterity to not get caught: Replace all the existing framed family photos in your home with celebrities, historical figures or pop culture characters of your choosing. The payoff might not always be immediate if housemates fail to discover the swapped photos, but even that only makes the slow-burning revelation that much better.

Lamp shade insects

Make paper cutouts or order fake assortments of insects and attach them to the inside of a lamp shade. After turning the lamp on, the silhouettes of the chosen bugs will spread across the shade and leave an uneasy surprise for anyone unlucky enough to notice first.

Jellybeans in the ice dispenser

This simple gag exchanges crushed and cubed ice for a stream of jellybeans. Fill the ice dispenser with the preferred jellybean type and observe a surge of sweets occupy the unsuspecting person’s cup.

Cardboard cutout of a celebrity in the shower

This is a minimal setup for a maximum reward. Greet the next housemate who uses the shower with a cardboard cutout of any given public figure and listen to the shock ensue.

Googly-eye food

One of the more wholesome tactics in this list, attach googly eyes to all of the contents in your fridge. The next person who looks for a bite to eat will see a dozen pair of eyes staring right back.

Bubble wrap under a rug

If there happens to be spare bubble wrap lying around unpopped, fit it beneath a rug that hosts a lot of foot traffic. You’ll know when it works when you hear the double-barreled reaction of the bubble wrap bursting and someone yelping.

Happy April Fools’ Day! Shelby

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