Maren Morris Headlines Rodeo Houston At Nine-Months Pregnant

Maren Morris isn’t going to let a little thing like being nine-months pregnant stop her from putting on a great show. Believe it or not, he singer, who is due to welcome her first child with husband Ryan Hurd any day now, headlined Rodeo Houston this weekend. 

This was the first time the Texas native has headlined the festival at NRG Stadium, joking with the crowd, “If I go into labor during this show, it’s all good because it just means that my kid really wanted to be born in Texas.” (Apparently the car that brought her to the show stayed around just in case she should go into labor.)

She also noted, “He’s kicking. He knows that my adrenaline is on full blast.”

  • Maren also shared some pictures from the festival, showing off her sparkly outfit that proudly displayed her big baby bump.Check them out below:

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