Viral Video: Mom Drives To School But Forgot Kids At Home

Mom Goes Viral For Driving To School But Forgetting Kids At Home

When you’re a parent, there’s a lot to juggle and most days, we’re just trying not to drop any balls. And some days, we make mistakes, like pouring coffee in the sugar, and it happens to the best of us. One mom has gone viral for her recent mom fail and it was a big one, but she managed to laugh it off, which is really all you can do when you drive your kids to school and discover that you forgot the kids at home.

The mom posted a funny video after realizing her morning mishap. “They’re not in the car,” the woman says, showing the empty back seat. “I’m driving to school without my kids!”

It’s something we can all relate to, but it’s much more entertaining because she’s trying to hold back her laughter and busts out giggling. Lots of people are enjoying her fits of laughter, the short, 46-second clip has more than 3.9-million views. And the worst part? When she realizes, “I have to go back and pick them up!”

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